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Research allow for the development and enhancement of knowledge. It is given utmost important by both academia and professionals. Research involves exploring an idea by building upon already available information. Since the research is something which extensively relies on available knowledge, universities as well as professional organizations publish and maintain databases of papers, magazine, books and other material which can then be referenced by researchers in order to build on them. Some of these databases specialized in providing published material on particular topic; some provide specific piece of knowledge about a large number of topics while others contains a mix of information which is accessible through searching. Some of these databases are discussed below.

The database of Business and Company Resource Centre is a comprehensive source for gaining information about a particular industry and companies. The database not only provide detailed profile information about the company being searched but also list articles published in newspapers and magazines about the company. The information returned as a result of the search is categorized into different sections (tabs) which make it easier to locate information. However, the search options as well as search sorting options of this database are quite limited, which makes it difficult for a researcher to narrow down the search quickly. The information available on this database makes a very good resource for business researchers who are either looking for company information or want to locate articles related to a company swiftly.

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