Sample Essay

Everybody in the lab is aware of what a balance is used for. But the importance of that weight data is better understood when we know what it will be used for. There are a lot of balances available in the market. But which one is best suitable for the kind of job one has, is to be decided keeping important features of a good balance in mind.

The knife-edge beam balance (which nonetheless still has important uses in the laboratory) advanced and was taken over by electronic balance. Today’s electronic balance is an elegant weighing tool with a set of software to record and process the outcome achieved during weighing. (Fox, Scientific)

For general laboratory applications there are two basic types of electronic weight detection system in common use. But the important query about getting an accurate reading out of these systems arises when external factors affecting performance are identified. Two most common external factors affecting performance are physical stability and temperature of the substance. Both of these can be dealt with easily. A good electronic balance has internal temperature compensation system. In high resolution balances, it is often required to recalibrate the balance whenever the temperature varies outside programmed confines. Analytical balances are recurrently outfitted with their own internal calibration weight and recalibration predetermined. The alert by balance itself notifying the temperature, which may otherwise go unnoticed, is complimentary. Before any measurement, an electronic balance should be given sufficient time to stabilize when it’s turned on, before it executes the task correctly. Physical stability can be improved by using a draft shield. (Fox, Scientific)

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