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What goes through our brains while we are sound asleep? Ever got up and recalled weird thought and images that took place over the night? Even though you never got out of bed, you can still recall and entire activity involving various places and different people. At times, such memories do not even have anything to do with your real life! These activities and vivid images are at times good and eventful and can even be horrible and scary. But it’s nothing to worry about, as every single person in this world goes through this experience. This experience is what we call having a dream.
What exactly are dreams, the mysterious images that take place in our minds while we are asleep is a question that has intrigued the ancient Greek and Romans as well as Sigmund Freud in the late 1800’s. Basically, dreams are the unintentional invoking of imagery, voices, notions and feelings along with numerous other sensations while we are sound asleep.

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