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Nightmares can be defined as upsetting dreams that at most times force partial awakening at the least. The person who has such a dream might go through numerous disturbing emotions while having a nightmare. These feelings might include rage, culpability, sorrow or hopelessness, out of which the most general feelings are that of dread and apprehension. The theme of nightmares differs from people to people as well as from time to time for any particular individual. The most common theme that is most prevalent amongst people is that of being chased.

Usually adult’s dreams of being chased by an unfamiliar male figure, while on the other hand children are usually found dreaming of an animal or some imaginary figure chasing them around. Nearly every single human, at some point in life has such a dream. A vast number of children have nightmares particularly those between the ages of three or four and seven or eight. It is believed that these nightmares are part of the child’s normal development and should not be considered as signs of any abnormal problems.

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