Sample Essay

The philosophy of perception is mainly dependent on the world’s internal and external mental processes which are directed towards the perceiver. Empirical concepts are the concepts related to the external perception which are actually more inclined towards senses probably representing the whole world around us, instantly with in the mental framework overshadowing the preexisting thoughts over new concepts. A person’s view of the world, reality, self and communication is the basic study of understanding which leads to the person’s perception. Hence, perception is a thought which is not self-centered but its more related to the illusion of the ego.

Moreover, external perception is also known as sensory perception or exteroception which mainly tells what’s happening outside our bodies, for instance using out senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. We can also have the sense of discovering the colors, sounds, and textures of the world at large. Cognitive psychology develops the root base for sensory processes since it does lead to the development of knowledge base for these processes. Accordingly the internal perception also known as proprioception tells us what’s actually going on inside our own bodies meaning we know what’s happening within our bodies where are limbs are, where our     hands are, whether we are sitting or standing, what are we doing, whether we need to sleep or go for work and so forth.

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