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Michael Hammer, author of The Agenda: What Every Business Must Do to Dominate the Decade, has revealed the secrets of today’s best companies. Through his teaching and research, he explained how to bring about fundamental change in their organizations. Hammer’s concepts served as an effective evaluation of what one can achieve by following his methods. In this book, he created a bridge from existing management theory to practice. He did an excellent job at explaining how some recent theory is beginning to change actual business practice. Hammer identified and clarified a set of nine emerging business concepts that underlie how the best companies around are at the top in today’s chaotic environment.” He has used great examples for each of the nine points.

The first two element of Hammer’s are concerned with customer management i.e. how to distinguish firms from look-alike rivals and how to create loyal customers. The third and fourth are about business processes. The fifth is about measurement systems. The sixth is about the team player role of the manager. The last three are about using modern technology such as the Internet to create value by linking firms with one another – instead of trying to optimize only within own your company’s legal boundaries.

Hammer’s first focus is on to make them easy to do business with their customers. Presenting a single face to their customers is just one of the ways to simplify customer interactions. One needs to take a hard look at how he/she operate from their customers’ point of view and redesign how one should work to save their time, money, and frustration.

The other main topic is about how to add more value for their customers. Therefore, one need to do more for their customers and for that, avoid the trap of commoditization, in which one fight for a very small scope against a mass. Hammer further enlightened that ones job is to solve problems, not to sell products.

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