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The survey questionnaires were brought into use by the ARCG. ARCG was responsible for the collection of data and the handling of the data as well, following which the analysis on the data was performed. ARCG is a professional research and consulting firm that provides corporate assessments and research into the automotive industry. The firm excels in its ability to carry out surveys and frequently makes use of advanced data collection and handling techniques. Established in 1981, the group is based in London and operates globally. While the primary expertise of the firm is in the exploration of business opportunities in the automotive industry and the assisting of product, corporate and market assessments, it also excels in the area of consumer trends. It is for the same reason that assistance from the group was acquired in the collection and handling of the data used in this research.

The questions asked were ones that were based on a broad perception of the United States auto industry. The first question asked was one that quoted John Krafcik, acting CEO of Hyundai Motor America who in a keynote speech at the Chicago Auto Show Feb. 11. 2009 stated his opinion about the current standing of the United States auto industry according to which the United States auto industry is considered to be in a very demeaning state when considered with regard to the current public perception and shall have to engage in measures that are no less than revolutionary in nature in order to recover. The question was designed to acquire the respondent’s perception about the statement to judge whether the respondent considered the opinion to be accurate or exaggerated. The second question was asked to determine if the respondent considered the crisis that befell the US auto industry to be one that came as a direct result of the financial crisis or one that came forth as an accumulation of other management issues. The third question sought to identify whether the respondent considered the financial crisis to have affected the entire automobile industry or note.

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