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      The term “arthritis” literally means an inflammation of the joints present in our body and is basically used to refer to more than a hundred diseases of the joints. Basically arthritis is the inflammation of a joint(s) which is usually accompanied by pain, stiffness as well as a change in the physical structure of the body. As is said, arthritis is classified as being an assemblage of bone and joint disorders generally discernible by bone weakening, joint tenderness, continual pain, loss of mobility and litheness, and other skeletal dysfunction.

It is said that, “Arthritis is one of the most common ailments (especially among older people) and the most common condition leading to joint replacement surgery” (Medical Glossary, 2006). Hence, basically having arthritis means that a person is suffering from a degeneration of joints and an arthritic joint suffers from a loss of articular cartilage and degenerative changes occur to the bone. It is basically the wearing down of cartilage and a loss of fluid by which the joints are surrounded.

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