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Buyer analysis is the term that explains an analysis carried forward to know the buyers of a particular product/service. While entering a new market, buyer analysis has to be conducted so that the organization is able to target the right segment of customers. If buyers’ analysis is not conducted or not conducted in a right manner then there are chances that the company might not be able to target the right segment and the needs of the target segments could not be met appropriately.

In terms of Cooper, the buyers remain the ones who are not loyal towards just one brand but are often engaged in trying various breweries for different taste. Hence, the customers for Cooper are the ones who like to have variety of flavors in Beer. The market for customers has been segmented into customers who prefer alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer. Therefore, cooper will be serving both customers. Non-alcoholic beer have several flavors and has high demand in German market among people of all ages hence coming up with non-alcoholic beer with variety of flavors can give Coopers a strong competitive edge over its competitors. In terms of serving the segment that prefers alcoholic beer, Cooper can launch beer with different percentage of alcohol ranging from 7% to the lowest and 20% to the highest. Moreover, age is the other segment for Cooper to segment the market. Cooper has specially come up with a beer that targets the youngsters where as another type of beer from Cooper is for people of older age. In brief, Cooper in Germany has offered vast variety of Beer to numerous customer segments.

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