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Internet marketing which is also called web marketing, online marketing, and online marketing is essentially marketing of products and service on the Internet. With the rapid evolution of Internet, marketing took on over an all new level. Marketing not just became cheaper online but it paved way for newer more innovative business prospects in the online world. Today information is distributed across to the global audience at it incredibly low prices and sometimes even free of cost.

The interactive nature of web-based means of communication stands out as the primary reason behind its success both in responding instantly and also eliciting responses for that matter. E-marketing is one broad concept for it refers to not only emails, the wireless mails, but also management of digital customer data and electronic customer relationship management systems. It is a unique combination of both the creative as well as technical aspects of the internet. These may incorporate design and development, advertisement related concept, and sales. It extends beyond mere building and setting up a website nor is it restricting to simple banner placements on other sites. To be effective internet marketing makes use of the routine marketing theories and are only successful if a comprehensive strategy is laid down and worked over. It should synergize the company’s business model cum sales goal and ensure that they are in coherence with website function and appearance. At the same time, it is also important a proper choice of advertising type, media and design is also made through. Internet marketing also involves the various stages of customer engagement cycle and appropriate placement of media across each one of these stages. It is multi-faceted and includes search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, strategies used in Web 2.0 and banner placement. (Article Marketing, n.d.)New York Times published a report in 2008 in which it made an initial estimate to quantify the amount of data collected by large Internet-based companies. The authors figured that the potential for collecting and taking data upward was 2500 times on average per user per month. (Internet Marketing n.d.)

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