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An appropriate definition of macrobiotic is defined as eating in balance between intense yin and yang energies. For instance, meat of animals is considered as an intense yang food and that in turns generates natural strong desires for extreme yin foods, such as developed sugar in cookies and cakes. The bodies warn us when we are ill as a result of extreme foods, suggesting us an imbalance. As a result of imbalance the blood becomes too acidic, shaping an environment in which diseases can flourish. If the consumption of extreme foods carries on, the body starts gathering and storing toxins in the form of mucus, fats, cysts, and tumors (Bloom, 2010, 1).

Yin (expansion) and yang (contraction) are the two poles which are harmonized and opposed. Yang pulls Yin towards itself but just like Yang and Yang, Yin and Yin also repel each other. Two magnet bars could teach anyone this relationship quite easily. The world has been prearranged and designed by a cosmogony named Macrobiotics. Discovering these forces and their relationship is the motive of the study of macrobiotics. Ying and Yang can be categorized according to various levels; however, the most common categorization in today’s world is on the basis of the division between parasympathetic nervous system of Yin and Yang. Good health could be the maintained if these two remain in a balanced proportion (Le, n.d, n.p).

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