Sample Essay

It is barely hard to understand the concept that is about the suicide bombers as in what motivates them to show their disastrous talent and many theorists and researchers are finding it hard to understand the main root cause behind this unleashed ideology. They have been trying hard to understand what basically motivates these suicide bombers to take these dangerous actions, many have been found guilty of taking the wrong path and literally they are the ones who have played an important role in destroying one’s image itself.

They are basically focusing on these ideas itself and one of the theorist Randy Borum in the year 2003 identified a four-stage process which is mainly the reason for which the individuals end up developing the extreme beliefs. The first stage is that the individual looks for an undesirable state, then frames that as a part of his revenge, then blames it as in he wasn’t dealt with fair justice, and then he takes it in accountability so that when he plays the part his aggression is thoroughly recognized and justified through his actions. Hence, these suicide bombers don’t regard themselves as the bad or the evil but they give a name which is more commonly acceptable by this community and that is they have been the victims of injustice and they were born to take revenge of the blood of their close family member, nation or a person who’s life has ended in pain and agony (Ganor, 2000).

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