Sample Essay

Through the course of descriptive studies, one is able specify the number of variables but since the information is inadequate to deduce the direction of their relationship; a research question is used instead of a hypothesis. Subsequently, research questions employ the use of words such as what, how and why to facilitate further comprehensive research in a specific direction. While hypothesis make claims that are usually either substantiated or invalidated in the course of the study, research questions provide a more focused foreword into the topics being evaluated by the author.

The hypothesis can also function as the proposed solution of the issue at hand. The effectiveness and longevity of that suggestion can then be evaluated throughout the study. Since the hypothesis is a figurative expression, it is far removed from empirical evidence. While research questions can state facts and wholesome figures, hypothesis can provide a ballpark estimation and then confirm or refute that claim later on in the study.

The hypothesis and research questions are both vital ingredients to a dissertation and a well-versed hypothesis attests the claim that the researcher is capable enough of investigating the problem in question.

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