Sample Essay

A supervisor is a person who has great managerial power over another employee or perhaps even a number of employees. The power that is exercised by the supervisor include appointing, assessing, distributing work, making sure that discipline is followed, and last but not the least, sacking. Bearing in mind the vast number of supervisors that are working in every field across the country, it is not unlikely to figure out that the role of a supervisor in the field of education remains ill-defined.

The position and role of supervisors in other commercial or industrial lines is very well understood in the frame of the management of an organization, but supervisors of a school may or may not be a part of the management of the school system. Supervision is instructional leadership that connects points of views to protocols, makes the purposes known to the employees, helps and backs up the organizations actions, carries out interactions, provides for upholding and development of the instructional program, and examines goal accomplishments. With reference to the education system, the role of the super visor at times is limited to assessing the teachers and students and the performance of both of them. After this, the supervisor is responsible for making reports and notes which are to be used by the higher authorities to decide which teacher is performing up to the mark and the assessment of the supervisor is unbiased; without any discrimination.

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