Sample Essay

One of the other reasons why airline industry in the UK has been suffering is due to low demand of air travel, high petroleum prices and insufficient returns received by the airline companies.

These are the symptoms of an economic situation where a country is not doing so well in terms of its economy. Those symptoms can easily be found out once a thorough look is given to the economic situation of the UK.  As there is much recession in the UK, and the buying or the spending power is not much in the customers, hence substitute is what customers look for in such circumstances therefore the demand for expensive air travel has gone down affecting the airline industry and people preferring traveling cheaper and spending less on other alternatives.

Due to economic recession the structure of economy in the UK has changed totally and the prices of petroleum products have gone sky high making it worse case scenario for the airline industry to survive. With such condition, many small and low fare airlines have halted their operations which have affected the airline industry in the UK pretty badly leaving it in a bad shape. Even the traffic at London Heathrow, Gatwick and other airports of the country has been reduced because of high prices in shape of taxes being charged by the government from airlines that prefer to land and refuel their aircrafts (Dream or Reality, Flightglobal, 2006).

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