Sample Essay

One thing to understand here is that these people do not always complain because they are unhappy. They complain out of habit and nature and may be called compulsive complainers. Some of them also believe that complaining about something that is bothering them makes them feel better. By complaining they get the complaint factor off themselves and feel light. Another reason, which is a major reason, is the media and the way it portrays things. Take television for example.

The smallest of incidents are shown with such intensity that Americans start to feel negatively about themselves and the things around them. If they experiment and do not watch the television for a few days, and actually start looking around themselves and be grateful for all they have, they will realize how wrong they are. They need to realize that the media, any form, is working for a profit. It will show whatever sells. It is for them as sane humans to see what the media is doing to their minds. Also, Americans probably have the shortest of attention span any nation could have. They are short sighted and do not generally think about the consequences of their actions until it hits them in the head. They love to take the easy path and complain about things rather than take action and bring about a change. They are just spoilt brats who have everything in life but just want more and more. They like to self pity and feel sorry for themselves even when they have nothing to feel sorry about. They are just a thankless nation who just forget to compare themselves with the under developed or even

developed countries they are better than. They desperately need to stop whining and cherish their freedom and luxury.

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