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William Buckley stated in 1962 that the Americans as a nation and on individual level do not complain as they are keen on creating an image in front of others and impress others with their tolerance levels. They will not complain about a certain thing as they do not want to create a scene. They try to let go of things so that attention is not directed towards them. They also wait for someone else to take the initiative and complain about something that is bothering them too. However this is incorrect. Buckley’s argument is invalid. Americans do complain. This may be the outcome of Buckley’s essays, but it is true, Americans do complain.

Why they complain is a mystery. A poll states that 67% Americans are unhappy with the economy of the country and 69% are unhappy with the president What is it that they are unhappy about? Is it the 24 hours supply of electricity that bothers them? Or the availability of central air conditioning and heating facilities? Or maybe it is the ability to have instant access to emergency and police facilities when they have had an accident. It may also be the speed with which the firefighters are able to tackle the biggest of fires anywhere in the United States. Or is it that 70% Americans are not homeless like the developing countries. Why do they complain when they have total religious, political and social freedom that the other countries envy? Do they have a right to complain when they easily got out of the dark days after 9/11 through the guidance and support of their government? They complain about the rise in taxes, without realizing how these taxes are actually properly used to provide facilities the residents unlike most countries I can name but will not. Americans have been heard to complain about illegal immigrants. Why? They did this to themselves because there is a minimum wage law for Americans and illegal immigrants work for lesser cost. They complain about the global war on terror, which mind they, themselves, helped to start.

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