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Nursing is a career, which brings with it numerous rewards. These rewards are not just materialistic, but at times rewards can be attained by saving the life of a patient, or even carrying out or backing up in a major process. These little things can be far better than the materialistic rewards attained by a nurse. Even though this might sound a bit sentimental, merely holding an uneasy patient’s hand and taking out time to talk to them and their family is beyond price.
This is the kind of person that I am personally. Being an intelligent, compassionate mother of three children I have come to realize a lot of human emotions and have seen much of life. There is also the fact that I am a very straight forward, yet sincere person which I believe are qualities that have to be present in a nurse. What is more interesting for me is the fact that nursing puts forward opportunities to dedicate yourself to so many areas. For example, a nurse can focus on the area of midwifery, pediatrics as well as mental health nursing, and clinical nurse professionals in a vast number of fields. I would like to explore through these fields while still maintaining my loyalty and sincerity.
Being a mother of three and being happily married for the last fifteen years has given me a close look at life. I am a persistent person and achieve what I set my eyes on. Since my early childhood and till now, it has been a dream and desire for me to become a nurse and I believe that all the personality traits I have would be an asset to every single patient who would come under my care. I care for those around me and have traits such as loyalty and empathy. I wish to help my fellow-beings and in the course of all achievements and experiences, this is a motive which I will never forget.

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