Sample Essay

Chalip and McGuirty (2004) suggest that there are many reasons that make sports events important in many destinations because they could help to develop their economy and business activities, and also help to improve a city’s position in the tourism market. Kaplaindou and Vogt (2007) give another reason why many destinations want to host sports events in that sports events could help to bring new sports visitors and loyal sports consumers to the places that host the sports events. They also state that small and large scale sporting events could help attract a large number of travellers from different states, at national and international level, to attend sport events in small local communities which are not popular or widely known as tourism destinations. Westerbeek et al. (2001) also suggest that many cities want to host sporting events because they know that travellers often prefer to visit cities because of sports events, rather than the city itself. Therefore, it could be accepted that now many destinations use sports events to be part of their marketing tool to improve their tourism industry in their regions.

However, residents agree that hosting event such as sports events provide positive economic and social benefits but they also consider that those events have negative impact on social and environmental such as crime and traffic that affect their quality of life (Twynam and Johnston, 2004). Therefore, it could be said that local government can deal with these problems because they knew that they would get lots of benefits from hosting events.

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