Sample Essay

A significant reason because of which the United States auto industry was hit hard by the financial crisis was the fact that the United States auto industry is one that is magnanimous in its nature. It is one that functions with its operations beyond us borders and is therefore influenced by the performance of its external nodes. The financial crisis was one that came forth on a global scale and it therefore became evident that the United States auto industry was not only under extreme financial pressure from within the United States but could not expect any relief from its external operations.

Regional automotive market most affected by the recent financial crisis

The implications of the recession have been observed in their most severe form in the upper Midwestern part of the United States. In an attempt to cut costs, automotive manufacturers are considering shifting operations to the deep south towards the state of Texas to Houston and Dallas where decreased operational costs will allow companies more margin to recover. Also, members of the United States Automobile industry are engaging in more frontal competition for the international market in order to generate revenues that can help carry out recovery operations for their domestic operations.

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