Sample Essay

Most religions, by their nature, are in a constant process of change. The understanding of, and position of women in world religions has been part of these changes. Women have in all religions been declared as a weaker sex. However, weakness has not been declared equal to inequality or non acceptance of women rights. Religions themselves have carefully stated the rights of women, it is the different sects that have introduced the variances in treating them. There are certain themes that attempt to explain each aspect of a woman’s life in context to religion.

The most important theme which prevails in all religions is the distinction between sacred and profane. A religion is said to be dualistic if this difference is clear. Women have for centuries been labeled as being profane due to some act conducted by them, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Moreover, any statement made by them can also classify them into one of the above mentioned categories. Various religions still believe that a woman who has been raped even is as much at fault as the man who committed the crime. She is therefore punished for this tragedy.
Nearly all monotheistic religions believe that evil arises inside a human when there is an improper use of freedom. This in my opinion is true to some extent for women in various religions. Each religion has outlined certain boundaries for a female in which to live. When she chooses to cross these boundaries, evil arises. Unlike the concept of monistic religions which say that whatever bad happens to someone is due to a previous sin , monotheistic religions believe in the original sin. This concept of original sin is one which can try to make any human, male or female, stay away from evil.

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