The woman might have seemed to have more control in the beginning and being the initiator of the argument from the looks of it, she still seemed to command greater control than the man. At first, the man’s threatening stance had represented him to be in the driving seat but as I listened to the developing conflict, it was obvious that the man was at the woman’s mercy.

The man seemed to be caught in a scenario which was worsening as the woman was in no mood to negotiate and in fact, seemed quite inflexible on the issue of payment. For her payment meant a full and final payment and the man seemed to be in a position of begging for any way out. The circumstances were that the two stakeholders were playing each other for the sake of ensuring that his/her own strategic goals achievement. De Dreu & Weingart & Kwon,2000)

For the man it meant losing out on valuable financial resources while the woman’s life seemed to be stake as the drug lord was surely not going to be happy if she returned empty handed. Her entire ability to negotiate and portray her effectiveness in exhorting money was at stake.

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