Sample Essay

Since Saudi women can’t travel without a close male relative by their side, public transport remains largely restricted to men there.

Their culture imposes limitless restrictions on women’s freedom to move around in the society. Driving cars is deemed haram by the religious authorities there on various grounds some of them being: whilst driving it would be necessary for women to stay unveiled and uncovered, something which is a strict no-no in the Saudi culture; driving would call on more trips of women outside their house and ultimately more interaction with na-mahram males such as traffic policemen on violation of traffic rules. Moreover it is believed that women driving the cars would lead to dense more populous traffic which will eventually depriving the young men of the opportunity to drive around. Women’s mobility has been obstructed in various other genres in the society. They are not allowed to ride in bicycles and motorbikes, to drive alone in a car and as will be discussed in the succeeding paras, they can only travel in segregated bus services.

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