Sample Essay

On the education end, Saudi authorities have given their green signal for educational opportunities for women. Traditionally women were refused the rights to official education. This was put to halt when 1948 saw the dawn of the first elementary school for girls. The school is in Mecca and with this followed a number of other institutes opened solely for girls over the next decades.

Today there are quite a lot of educational institutes including universities, for girls all over the kingdom. The education never the less continues to be segregated while the exams conducted for both girls and boys are the same. There exist minor differences in the courses followed. Today women makeup seventy percent of all those enrolled in universities in Saudi Arabia.  Some women have also obliterated themselves from on-campus education and opted for online courses offered on the internet due to restrictions imposed on their transport. Thanks to the advancement in technology and globalization, video conferencing enables them to listen to lectures conducted by male teachers while not meeting them. The women constitute only five percent in the Saudi workforce, which is apparently the lowest in the world.

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