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“Women in development” or WID was a term that traces its origin back to 1970s when it was coined by a network of female professionals involved in the development sector in Washington. (Tinker 1990)These women spoke from their experiences in various development missions across the globe. They realized that the concept of modernization was taking on differently for both sides of the gender. It was doing the otherwise for women. Instead of helping they improve their living standards, it was undermining and oppressing their status and position in the society. In the broader domain, WID is considered to incorporate an array or activities associated with the development domain including donor agencies, government organizations and non-governmental organizations. A World Conference was held in Mexico in 1975 which pronounced more explicitly the main pre-occupations of women round the globe. These included improved and better education cum employment incentives and opportunities; participation in social and political sectors on equitable bases with men and roles in health/welfare services. In a gist, the WID movement in this era called for social and political justice for women across the borders and beyond.

As the end of seventies neared, questions were raised on efforts/argument solely focusing on women in isolation which was the crux of WID approach. Women oppression and isolation remained central to WID but the relational aspect of this kind of sub-ordination remained unventured by it. WID was of the firm belief that lack of access to resources was the primary reason behind women subjugation and suppression. It paid little or no focus on the gender relations aspect of this subordination. Thus work began in various social organizations and disciplines to incorporate the importance of both gender relations as well as power in comprehending women sub-ordination.

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