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We see that Sir Gawain feels deep love for women (Vantuano).  Through Sir Gawain and the Green Knight as in other pieces of medieval literature, it is evident that younger women attracted more men than could the elderly ones who are described as hags.  Though the hag in this story is not a beautiful lady, she is admired by many.She is Morgan who sends the Green Knight in the first place, revealing the importance of older women in medieval times.  The younger woman could be admired for her loveliness, but it is the older medieval woman who must do the most important job (Ashley).

     The Virgin Mary is the patron saint of Gawain as of many other medieval men.  These men must show a willingness to serve women, particularly those that they care for.  All the same, their attraction toward the opposite sex, especially the fairer lot, is described most vividly and has nothing whatsoever to do with the Virgin: “The lady, that longed to look on the knight, came forth from her closet with her comely maids.  The fair hues of her flesh, her face and her hair and her body and her bearing were beyond praise, and excelled the queen herself, as Sir Gawain thought” (Vantuano).

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