Sample Essay

Aside from this the ethnicity of the women also tends to define what jobs and career paths should be adopted by her. People rarely envision a black female as a doctor or a bio-chemist. They usually envision her to be running a small business or a beauty salon etc. The white women on the other hand are considered to be candidate for the positions of doctors and teachers. The Latino and Asian women on the other hand are usually considered to be more suitable for the entertainment and show business in terms of movies, modeling, television etc.

The essentialist point of view depicts that because the job candidate is a women, it is not possible for her to carry out certain aspects and duties of the jobs. She might not be able to handle the working hours, the stress or jiggle the work and home environment. Her physical characteristic of being a female tends to put restrictions on her, even though this is only in the minds of the people responsible for the recruitment and placement of employees in the industry. As a result the woman is considered to be suitable for certain jobs and not suitable for others.

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