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Work-related consequences of binge drinking include unintentional injuries, elevated health care costs, poor job performance, and absenteeism as a result of alcohol-induced hangover or other alcohol-related problems (12-16). Furthermore, lost productivity accounts for more than 70% of all costs attributable to excessive drinking (3). However, despite the substantial effects of binge drinking on employers and their employees, knowledge about the association between occupation and binge drinking is limited. Assessment of occupation-specific risk for binge drinking can provide information for guiding efforts to reduce binge drinking among workers (17-19).
The impact of binge drinking on post college outcomes of profession and career is another significant predictor that has to be taken into consideration in any assessment of drinking trends after college. This is something that has remained to be ignored by the general community. Even though not much is known about the long term effects of college binge drinking on post college opportunities of career and profession within a life-cycle framework, some evidence puts forward the assumption that drinking problems in college has the tendency to “influence a person’s occupational opportunities. Dropouts. For example, usually do not earn what their graduating counterparts will over their lifetime. In general, existing research has shown that the labor market choices and future job prospects of younger workers with alcohol problems are relatively limited and lifetime earnings are lower than they are among those without alcohol problems” (Jennison, 2004).

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