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The quantity of the relevant compounds in the mixture can be calculated by integration of the signal. The components in the sample become distributed differently between the mobile and stationary phases because they have different interactions (Physical and chemical) with each phase. You can select the nature and strength of the interactions by your choice of phases. The components move with different speeds through the column, depending on their affinity for the different phases, and so they elute from the column at different times: the retention times. By changing the composition of the mobile phase during the elution, it is possible to analyze a wider variety of compounds in a given time than would be possible under constant conditions.

There exist different types of chromatography. Gas and liquid chromatography have already been discussed. However the other forms of chromatography which have not yet been depicted in this paper include absorption chromatography, partition chromatography and ion exchange chromatography. The absorption chromatography is the oldest form of chromatography. It usually makes use of a liquid or gas as a solvent. The sample in this case is usually a solid substance. The separation of the different solutes takes place due to the differing equilibrium between the mobile and the stationary phase.

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