Sample Essay

Riyadh is the only city where women enjoy the freedom of travelling in buses and taxis. The buses in Riyadh are fully segregated with separate doors of entrance for women. Sex-segregation remains firmly embedded in the society where even banks have not been spared. Women are allowed to open their bank accounts only at the behest of their husbands while only female auditors can examine women’s accounts. (Saudi Women Barred from voting, 2004)

A woman who leaves her house for work is bound to meet and follow certain rules some of which are; the woman should pursue work only to muster up the money she needs to survive gracefully; the workplace should be completely segregated and there shouldn’t be any kind of interaction with “na-mahram” men none whatsoever; the kind of work taken up should be coherent to a woman’s physical and mental stature and should in no way obstruct her domestic life and obligations; Until and unless the husband has given his consent, women cannot proceed with their work and neither are they allowed to travel to far off places without the company of a close male relative.   Irrespective, women cannot be delegated to the high profile positions in public offices and neither can they be appointed as judges in this country. (Salih)

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