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Alexander Pope was an English poet who, representing himself following the great poets of conventional relics, wrote extremely sophisticated verse, which was at times written in an informative or sardonic vein. When it comes to translation of verses, ethical and decisive essays, and satires, he was an expert and they were the driving force behind him being one of the most well-known poets of his times. He introduced the heroic couplet, which was later polished by John Dryden, to final faultlessness.
The time period during which Pope wrote was what is usually referred by many as the Augustan Age of English literature. This was a time during which the people had got over the civil wars that took place in England as well as the Glorious Revolution, and the recuperated sense of political solidity, which in turn brought about a revival of support for all types of arts. This was perhaps the sole reason because of which a vast number of people judge this period with regard to the period during which Augustus reigned over Rome, and during this period of time, both Virgil and Horace had found support for their work. The customary taste back in those days was neoclassical. His pastorals and a number of other conversions came out in Tonson’s Miscellany in the year 1709 although they were penned down by him nearly three or four years before it (Alexander Pope (a), p.1). After these a number of poem were written by him. The came “An Essay on Criticism” in the year 1711 and received much appraisal although it sustained the doom of the famous critic namely John Dennis who is said to be the first literary antagonist who played a major role in the life and writings of Pope.
The most famous work which was written by Alexander Pope is most surely “The Rape of the Lock” which came out in 1712 and “a mock-heroic epic, written to make fun of a high society quarrel between Arabella Fermor (the “Belinda” of the poem) and Lord Petre, who had snipped a lock of hair from her head without her permission” (Alexander Pope, p.1).

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