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According to the Le’s paper of macrobiotics there are four reasons that find out whether a food is Yang or Yin.

• How the food grows (including speed and direction).
• Where the food was grown (in northern or southern climates).
• The sodium-potassium content.
• And the effect the food has on the body (hot or cold effects).

High percentage of potassium has been signified by Yin where as Yang foods contain heavy percentage of Sodium as far as the amount of minerals are concerned. Yin foods are generally known as cool, larger, contain less amount of salt but high amount of potassium and grow above the soil. However Yang foods are hot or warm, smaller, contain more sodium and grow under the soil. But you must use cool food when it is hot and hot food when it is cold if you want to preserve an equal faction of the philosophy faith. Yin Yang also affects the kidney system as well (Batliner, 2004, 1).

The forces of Yin and Yang are embodied in human beings as they are considered a part of the whole nature. The relationship of these two forces is instigated and become apparent by our bodies, our breath, and the way we work, play and think. A holistic aspect of life would be encouraged by the application of the principles of Yin/Yang theory and suggests that it can be lived as a work of art if we accept this theory (Le, n.d, n.p).

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