Sample Essay

One can almost see this book as a western counterpart of another of Kent’s works on an Eastern giant, “Genghis Khan: Invincible Ruler of the Mongol Empire.”  Both of these men – Temujin and Gaius – were able to harness the forces of history at their disposal, and shape not only the destiny of their people but also that of the East and the West.This is why Julius Caesar is such an important character in history.  He can rightly be seen as the moving force behind the concept of imperialRome, the precursor of modern Western civilization, and it is essentially in this context that we can afford to ignore Caesar as yet another soldier-politician.

  But before we go any further, it may be a good idea to pause and briefly consider the professional career of the writer in question.  Zachary Kent, the author of the book, holds a degree in English language from St. Lawrence University.  After working for some time with a literary agency based inNew York City, Mr.Kentdecided to become a professional writer and with children and young adults as his intended audience, he has so far written a multitude of books on history.

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