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The religion Zoroastrianism has been named after the Prophet Zoroaster. He brought the religion in the region and is analogous with Mazdaism. Mazdaism preached and called upon the worship of Ahura Mazda elevate by Zoroaster as the Al Mighty and the biggest divine authority. The religion was deeply integrated within the suburbs of Iran at one point in time and had tremendous influence on the traditions practiced and preached there. It was later with the conquest of Islam was this religion sidelined in Iran somewhere around the mid seventh century. Today there exit only 40000 Zoroastrians in Iran while 80000 of them (by far the largest number) exist in India. Zoroastrianism holds a special place in the history of religion because it traces its link to the traditions of the religions followed by the west and the east. (Boyce, 1994)

Zoroastrianism centered on the worship of Ahura Mazda who they believed was the one and the only God, the supreme divine authority and the only one worthy of worship.  They were staunch believers of the concept of asha i.e. truth and order which is a strikingly opposite to the concept of druj i.e. chaos.  The religion preached active involvement in all the good things in life spiritually and emotionally. In doing so, will help marginalize chaos and work for the betterment of the society. Zoroastrianism firmly opposed all kinds of monasticism. Zoroasts believe that a time will come when Ahura Mazda will conquer which will mark the end of this world and He will come as a savior for the mankind. At that juncture everyone , the dead the living will all be reunited in the name of Ahura Mazda, precisely the time when according to their beliefs and preaching the world will be transformed as evil s completely evaded from it.

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