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The company also had established objectives to improve the level of staff and the customer satisfaction. This was aimed at improving the level of customer loyalty and increasing business while also increasing the productivity form a limited work force.

Through the Rural Payments Agency program the company also aimed to reduce the time that it took the farmers to access their payments and complete the claims that they had for their CAP payments. This aim supported the objective of the company to increase customer satisfaction and streamline the operations of the company particularly in the HR and the finance functions.


The presentation on the other hand highlighted that issues that were being faced in the first place. The presentation and the made recommendations highlighted that the driving forces for project management at the company were the already existent inefficiencies that were present in the processing of claims and the obvious need for an automated and standardize method of working.  The existing inefficiencies that were present in the claim processing system made it tedious for the farmers to receive the CAP for their claims. Technology has often been used to make standardizations and stream line business processes and this was an obvious need that was highlighted in the presentation. Technology can be applied to business processes and functions “as means to cut down costs associated with payroll procedures introduced by human resource” (‘Tips on Using Technology to Streamline Payroll Processes–and Cut Costs’, 2006)

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