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The strategic human resource is the orientation of the human resource management at an organization to contribute to the overall strategy and mission of the organization by providing the human resource and developmental support that is required by its various functions. The human resource approach seeks to conduct human resource based activities and tasks in such a manner that they contribute to the overall corporate strategy of the organization while reflecting the strategy as well (Pieper, 1990, p34).

The aspects of human resource management that can be strategically applied in the organization pertain to staffing, rewards, employee development, employee maintenance as well as employee relations. TheMichiganand the Harvard approach towards Human resource management are amongst the most widely applied approaches. TheMichiganapproach depicts that the components pertaining to planning selection rewards and development become relevant at different levels of management including strategic, managerial as well as operational. Here strategic selection takes the form of planning of human resources, recruiting and acquiring the human resource. Strategic appraisal takes into account orientation of the human resource at the organization while rating them according to the strategic priorities of the organization. Strategic rewards pertain to the motivational and the compensation / remuneration of the employees for meeting the strategic long term goals of the organization while strategic development aims at conducting future based training sessions and programs that aid in fulfilling future humans resource needs of the organization (Pieper, 1990, p33).

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