Film Review on School of Rock – This is the kind of movie they would make if eccentric, independent, grown-up outsider filmmakers set out to make a family film. And they have. The director is Richard Linklater, the Austin, Texas, indie visionary who created “Waking Life” in his garage and revolutionized illustration by proving that a digital camera and a Macintosh could render a commercial film at home.

Film Review on School of Rock

Mike White is the creator and co-star, who also has penned “Chuck and Buck,” “Orange County,” and the amazing “The Good Girl,” with Jennifer Aniston as a married clerk who finds love with the sweet checkout boy since 2000.

White’s movies affectionately celebrate ordinary people’s comedic peculiarities, and his Dewey Finn is a goofy original — a slug-abed who protests as he asks for the rent from his roommate (White).

He sincerely believes that classic rock will cure and make you whole. Led Zeppelin, the Ramones and the Who were among his gods. When he finishes a solo by leaping ecstatically off the platform, his career hits a nadir, and the oblivious crowd lets him crash to the floor.

This film treats music seriously. The talented students include keyboardist Lawrence (Robert Tsai), lead guitarist Zack (Joey Gaydos), drummer Kevin (Kevin Clark), and multi-instrumentalist Tomiko (Maryam Hassan).

For everyone, there’s a job. Billy (Brian Falduto) wishes to be the band’s designer and makes glitter rock costumes that persuade Dewey that the dress codes don’t look horrible. Busybody Summer was made manager of the band. Three girls are selected to be groupies, and Dewey labels them as much like cheerleaders.