The case is about Jason, lawyer and a teacher, who had a car accident and wasn’t given medical attention immediately. Jason as a result of delayed medical attention lost an important case and was not able to work for two months. The solution of the case is going to give details about all possible people whom Jason should sue along with the reasons to do so and the consequences that will follow for Jason himself.


The people that can be sued by Jason are firstly Dr. Hero who not only was the other party involved in the car accident but also inquired about Jason’s condition. However he left Jason when Jason said he was all right when should have at least taken Jason with him to the hospital when he looked at bleeding from Jason’s head. Secondly, the policemen, who came to inspect the accident scene, were responsible to at least take Jason to the hospital’s E.R after watching his head bleed.

The E.R triage nurse, to whom Jason went for a check up, didn’t ask any questions regarding the Jason’s injuries and didn’t take a close look at them, can also be sued. The fact that the nurse looked at Jason’s bleeding head and didn’t take him to E.R is reason enough.

Dr. Savior, who was informed that Jason is bleeding from his forehead and yet he continued to write his findings of another trauma patient, who already was been attended to by Dr. Hero and other medical staff. Dr. Savior took his time; further delaying medical attention to Jason is the reason to sue him.

The nurse in the E.R can also be sued as he wasted precious time in directing Dr. Cuts to right patient and secondly, he didn’t bother to check the charts and just guessed about the patient who had a possible brain bleeding, as a result directing the doctor to a wrong patient due to which precious time was lost again. Dr. Ray can also be held responsible, as he wasn’t able to jot down a report regarding Jason’s condition and his result of the scan. Dr. Cuts can also be sued as he stood back when Jason had seizures due to which 15 minutes and more blood was result.

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