Essays are the part of prose writing which have been made compulsory for the students at different study levels. The students are required to write essays on different topics related to various fields of study. This is important because it develops the writing tactics in the students, also, writing essays makes it easier for the teacher to evaluate the students’ intellectual and writing capability.

Essay are written after a proper research and study. Until the student does not do research work s/he would not be able to write a good essay because of lack of knowledge and insufficient material to write a unique essay. Here are a few tips for you to write essays on different topics.

  • Select a topic of your choice, because your interest in the topic would make you put more efforts to write the essay and you would not be tired out of it.
  • Do a proper research through electronic and print media. See for, what, how, when, where, which kinds of questions related to your topic. Try to make as many questions upon you topic and find answers to them. This is good technique to gather bulk of information.
  • When you are having enough information to write your essay, make a draft essay first. The draft essays contain the points which are highlighted in the paragraphs of the essays. For your writing, put the points in an order of importance. Check for the information to put in the introduction, middle paragraphs and the conclusion.
  • Write your final essay when you are done with the above homework of writing an essay. Start with the introduction. Introduce your topic to the reader. Write about the background and origin of it. Make a thesis statement in the introduction which would bring an image in the mind of the reader of what your topic is.
  • Write the middle paragraphs, one for each point of emphasis. You do not have to put all the information in a haphazard way. Just pick a few relevant points and explain each in a paragraph. Make sure there is coherence among the paragraphs and you are not going off the track.
  • Write the conclusion in the end giving a brief summary about your topic. Write the thesis statement in a different way which would take the reader into the flashback of what have been said so far in the essay. You can also put recommendation or opinion if required.

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