Brand communication strategy is regarded as one of the top most strategic decision an organization intends to take as in this particular decision a business aims towards drafting a particular strategy which can be effectively used in spreading the brand message and brand image to the target market through the most effective communication mode (Tailor, 2003, p.113).

Brand is defined as a relationship that secures future earnings by creating customer loyalty therefore when a business targets on drafting a brand communication strategy so for that purpose it has to come up with a game plan that not just develops good relationship with the target customers but also creates customer loyalty (Cruikshank, 2005, p. 12).

Apple Inc has been managing brand communication pretty well and their strategy on brand communication has been fairly well and good since the massive success of iPods. With the brand ‘Apple’ being used to compete with the competitors in the market,      the strategy of the company remains communicating Brand’s innovation by creating brand personality. The strategy focuses on emotions, lifestyle, innovation, passion, hopes, dreams, aspirations and imagination. With the blend of all these elements, Apple manages to come up with a perfect strategy which can be used for Brand Communication (Cruikshank, 2005, p. 12).

In terms of ipad and the brand communication strategy remains similar to the ones adopted for iMac but the main message sent to the target market carries a broader perspective. The strategy for iPad explains that the new tablet pc has been another innovation for the Apple users and is especially designed for customers who wanted more convenience while using iMac (Teutschler, 2010).

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