In demarcating the research problem, the researcher undertook a literature survey. In the prior literature, Cultural shock is the anxiety which develops from losing familiar symbols and signs of social intercourse, which a person do not transmit on to the next level of conscious awareness (Oberg 1958), and their replacement by other strange cues (Hall 1959). Cultural shock has several symptoms including physical illness (Homesickness), low morale, low self-esteem, social isolation, bitterness dissatisfaction, anxiety, disorientation, depression, role strain stress, confusion, self-doubt, loneliness, distress, irritability and self deprecation (Adler 1975; Alexander et al. 1976; David 1976; Detweiler 1980; Jacobson-Widding, 1983; Furnham and Alibhai, 1985; Adelegan and Parks 1985; Kim 1988; Storti 1990; Hofstede 1991; Persaud 1993; Berry 1994, Gudykunst 1988).

There are several sources of cultural shock including, discrimination from the new environment, food differences, language barriers, weather differences, accommodation, dietary restrictions in the colleges, separation from home, diminished social interactions, change of roles and status in some cases change in educational systems. Since there are several causes of cultural shock, it is therefore possible that the severity and duration of experience are a function of cultural and individual differences (Kim 1988; Searle and Ward, 1990; Furnham 1993; Ward and Chang 1997; Ward et al 2001).

Prior research has proved that nearly all foreign students suffer cultural shock, and one of the commonest symptoms cited is stress. Stress is a generalized psychological and physiological state which is brought about by experience of stressors in the environment, which is believed to be having their sources in the process of acculturation (Zajonc 1952; Hamburg et al. 1974; Detweiler 1980; Berry 1994). Students are known of entering into Higher education will always have their expectations shaped with previous learning experience. (Ballard and Clanchy 1997), this is always significantly different from the education systems which they meet in the new country hence academic difficulties always arise.

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