International Expansions have become a frequently addressed part of modern day organizations’ strategic objectives. Companies that do not have the resources available to engage in full scale international expansions choose to find alternative ways of doing so by making use of the internet alongside authorized service representatives in the target region. Those with the required resources choose to engage in full scale expansions in which entire infrastructures are put into place and new supply chains are developed. Every global expansion is one that is unique in the strategy it adopts and the framework it is built upon. Businesses tend to take traditional management models and customize them in accordance to the requirements of their international expansion.

International expansions generally require large volumes of investment to be put into place. Businesses have to ensure that their standards and quality are present in their expanded setting as they are in their domestic setting (Hutzschenreuter, Guenther and Oehring 2005). This places businesses at a risk. In the event that their expanded divisions fail to deliver the desired results, business risk being subjected to negative criticism for their domestic operations as well. It is because of this reason that businesses generally opt for international expansion in the form of small organizations, when there is still startup capital to invest, or in the form of well established enterprises when revenue streams are experiencing rapid inflows (Luo, Entry and cooperative strategies in international business expansion 1999). Essentially, every business can be expected to have differing motives for international expansion. However, almost every internationally expanding business has to face a number of obstacles and complications in the expansion that are present irrespective of the size of the expanding business and the nature of the expansion.

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