Outsourcing activities to low-cost markets such as India and China continue to expand despite recent increases in the cost of transportation and technology infrastructure. For example, China as a market has proven incredibly resilient while most of the globe’s other major markets have tended to contract during the global recession. Low-cost manufacturing and process management markets have proven effective at utilizing their core advantages relative to cheap labor and abundant skilled technical workforces.

For example, over the past three decades China’s overall GDP has grown by an estimated 8% on a year to year basis with some years exceeding double digit growth to a value that has surpassed $4.8 trillion in this same time period (Zeng, 2010). One unique aspect of this growth is that China has accomplished these growth rates while still maintaining a centralized political structure. Recent figures place China’s population at approximately 1.3 billion individuals of which an estimated 813 million are participants in the market’s workforce (Zeng, 2010). This large workforce presents China with a great number of opportunities that, when combined with its improving technology infrastructure, ensures that outsourcing activity to the market is almost certain to continue.

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