Hitt, M, A., 2009. Strategic management: competitiveness and globalization: concepts & cases. Cengage Publications, UK

One of the key tasks that Strategic leadership carries out is in devising strategies for business development and for change management. Many times, the new business strategy that is envisaged would involve certain change management activities. The changes would be in the form of business requirements, changed market conditions or changed customer requirements.

As a part of the change management and strategic management principles, some changed rules and regulations, changed processes or instructions would be given. In the previous era, such new instructions always trickled down the pyramid organisation structure to the managers who would again pass the instructions down the hierarchy. There was some amount of distortion and the organisation leadership was insulated from the frontline staff. With changes in management styles, the pyramid hierarchy has been done away with and the structure made flatter. However, the issue that remains is in keeping in touch with the thousands of employees that are working in multiple locations. This is where new media and digital technology are helpful. Some leaders and organisations are increasingly using media such as Internet, micro blogs such as Twitter, social media such as Facebook, a number of web-based tools, and web based learning kits and media, to reach out to their people. This application of technology has a much higher speed, reach and much lower costs. Please refer to the following figure that represents the application of various new technologies.

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