Everyone is aware of the great Trojan War in which the troy was destroyed the huge naval army of Greeks. People believe that this war is just a legend, but the ruins of the walls of Troy confirm the truth of this legendary war. The legend has it that the beautiful queen of Sparta, Helen, was the true cause of the Trojan War and subsequently the destruction of Troy. However, very few people are aware of the mythological connection of this legend.

Helen, the queen of Sparta was half-god and half-human. She was the daughter illegitimate daughter of Zeus and the sister of Aphrodite. Aphrodite got jealous of her half-sister as she was claimed as the most beautiful and fairest woman on the land. Aphrodite, vain about her beauty, could not bear that how a low prince of Troy could can claim such a thing. However, she did not plot anything against her half-sister.

After some time, a wedding ceremony was held in the god’s world. The spirit of disagreement, Eris, was not invited in the wedding because she was considered as an inapt guest at such an auspicious occasion. Even she was unwelcomed, she made a visit to the wedding. To cause trouble on the wedding, as a vengeance, she threw a golden apple of discord on the table and announced, “This apple belongs to the one who is the fairest of all”.

This caused tussle between Aphrodite, Athena, and Hera. All three were claiming to be the fairest of all. To resolve this issue, Zeus suggested to ask some unbiased person to tell who is the real owner of the Golden Apple. He asked Hermes to call price Paris for this task. Paris was a handsome prince with no brains. He could not judge who is the fairest among three goddesses. He offered that whosoever bribe him the best will be declared as a rightful owner of the Golden Apple.

Aphrodite knowing the fact about Paris’ affection for Helene bribed him Helen’s unconditional love. Paris, without thinking wisely, accepted the bribe and declared Aphrodite as the fairest of them all. In his return to the land, he found that Helen is willing to leave her husband for Paris.

She eloped with Paris which ensued the Trojan war. Helen’s husband could not bear the dishonour and gathered other Greek alliances to stand with him to seek his revenge against the Trojan price. Consequently, Troy met its ill-fated by the hands of dauntless Greek army.