Narrative essay, as derived from the word Narration, is a kind of essay which describes about an event, an experience which has an important message in it or which is of greater importance to the writer.

This is an interesting kind of essay which could be written like a story. The event or experience may be real or imaginable. The point is to make the reader understand the theme or experience the idea that is being conveyed in the Narrative essay.

The Narrative essay goes with the general essay structure. An introduction, the main body content and the conclusion. However, the content of the essay is the main thing in which you have to put your efforts.

Before writing your essay, always make a draft of it. Pen down all your thoughts about the story, either they are descriptive, dialogues, or anything that comes in your mind. Arrange your draft in a proper manner to form the essay structure.

Starting with the introduction, it should make clear indication of what is your topic of essay. For example, it may be an event, an activity, an experience, an observation etc. The thesis statement of your introduction should make a central point around which your essay would revolve.

Coming to the middle paragraphs, describe the event or the scenario in detail. The tone of the essay should be that of a first person, that is, use ‘I’ to keep your reader generate a discussion aspect while reading. The style should be lively and more like realistic.

In the conclusion of your essay give a brief summary of the entire essay along with emphasizing on the main point your have tried to convey. The writing style should be in such a way that the experience or the feelings that are shared by the you in the Narrative essay should be understood b y the reader by the end.

The best Narrative essays are often written in the story format. The writer makes the use of words in such a way that the reader generates a feeling of reality of what is being said. While you draft your essay try to put dialogues with proper punctuation. This would make your essay more attractive.

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