• The firm has a centralized research and development and currency risk, the manufacturing operations are kept in sync and the centers are cost effective.
  • Nokia has a single minded focus. This has enabled it to succeed in venturing in the global market and has only a single acquisition, prefers to boost speed, focus and flexibility.
  • Corporate Culture Preservation. The employees must meet the minimum qualification and are incorporated to the culture fast to tab their inputs into the firm.
  • The firm ensures that the properly compensated and rewarded and have the freedom which ensures that they ad value in to the firm.
  • There is no language barrier since they employees use the universal English language.
  • The firm employs young energetic, educated individuals who are incorporated in to the firm by training. These young employees then become the future managers after they have gained enough experience.
  • Costs saving strategies have been a key factor in Nokia’s global campaigns.
  • Nokia ensures that the customers are provided with the best services and products by use of the latest technology and investing in the research and development.

The above factors have been incorporated in all Nokia’s firm in the entire globe to ensure that it succeeds in the global business. The management plays a key factor in ensuring that the above principles are applied for the success of Nokia.

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