Sample Essay

Some people take life as it comes and some do not even bother to notice what life has to offer but there is one category of people who aspire to change the direction of the seasonal winds and eventually life takes the direction that such people desire. One such person is myself ‘Saeed Al Qazmi,’ since I have always seen what life has to offer and then I have turned head over heels to change life’s direction to what I aspire. I have never settled for less in life and due to which I have worked hard to achieve the best in my academics as well.

As a child I had been organized and particular about my things, my school work and my recreational activities. In school I had always shown keen interest in my academics and my recreational activities and in high school my ultimate goal was to achieve the scholarship. I have been goal oriented since the beginning whether it be games or academics and when I set a goal for myself I set myself to achieve that goal by all means. I successfully graduated from high school and I successfully attained my goal of acquiring the scholarship. During the course of working towards the scholarship I had maintained outstanding grades and I have always achieved the top position in class. Eventually, I acquired the scholarship to study English in theUnited Statesand here I got the chance to apply to good universities since I wish to continue with my further studies in University. I worked extremely hard for this scholarship since this is a golden chance for me to progress and also become exposed to new horizons. Studying abroad will help me grow personally and professionally and I will be able to attain my further goals that I have set for myself. Since I have been a much focused student I wish to excel in university in a similar way and acquire commendable grades.

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