Entering the field of medicine is the base of a promise to provide people with good care for their health. The decision is extremely serious and should be given much thought to personal characteristics before entering the field.


     Since childhood, I have been fascinated by the field of medicine and have always wished to play an active role in the field by becoming a doctor. When I was just twelve years old, I joined the local Red Cross Ambulance as a voluntary helper, which shows my likeness of the field. During high school inAustria, I experienced work at a hospital so as to get a feel of what it is like. Since the last ten years of my life I have played professional level tennis and this is something that has made me sacrifice a lot in life. The sacrifices include family, social life as well as educational forfeits.

I have also played in National junior team as well as in Women’s Regional League team. This involved team support, regulation, communication skills which are very important for doctors (Talking Matter Developing the Communication Skills of Doctors, p.1) and has also taught me how to deal with the ups and downs of life and sport discipline. All the experience and the skills that I have gained in the last couple years of my life are what I would like to transmit into the career of my dreams in the field of medicine. Luckily, I have a prospect to make a difference in others lives and this is something for which I am extremely obliged. I have given much consideration to myself, taking into consideration my talent, occurrences and ambition. I have looked up people in my social circle for advice. I have been successful at school at the same time as volunteering part time, spending time with my family and friends. At times it has been tremendously hard, but I have never lost self-belief and I will not lose any of my buoyancy that I have the aptitude to perform well in my studies and I will turn out to be a competent as well as a concerned doctor and this would be a worthwhile career for my future.

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