A persuasive essay is one in which the writer’s aim is to convince the reader with his/her opinion or perspective. Persuasive essays are written with strong reasons and evidences. The writer has to do a proper study before writing a Persuasive essay.

When you are given a task of writing a persuasive essay, you are should select a topic or point of your interest on which you would develop your arguments. The topic of your own choice would make it easier for you to put your efforts and work harder. Take a position or side of the argument and make a detailed study relevant to your topic. Focus on how you would make the reader agree with your argument or conclusion; this would help you to generate logical facts and evidences for your essay. Make sure the facts you consider are from the reliable sources and they are genuine.

After gathering sufficient material to support your essay, write the facts in an order of their priority. Think of the controversial arguments you would come across. It is obvious that you will be fired back by criticism and opposite arguments, but a good writer is always prepared for it.

When you think that you are prepared enough to write the Persuasive essay, start writing it in the same general essay structure having introduction, main body paragraphs and conclusion.

In the introduction give a brief description of what you are going to talk about in the whole essay. Introduce your point of view in the introduction and give a brief background to it. Your thesis statement should grab the attention of the reader to continue with your essay.

Write the main body paragraphs giving points and logics to your argument. Make sure you do not deviate from the topic. Coherence is important among the paragraphs and sentences. There is no restriction to the number of paragraphs in the middle of the essay; however, you should be careful to make the length of essay according to what your teacher has required. The best way to write main body paragraphs of a Persuasive essay is to write the logics and evidences to support your argument and not giving explanation to it. Your tone should be firm and unbiased.

In the conclusion it is the time to explain your argument in a summary. Revise the main idea of the essay which you described in the first paragraph.

The quality of your essay depends upon your writing skills and the effort you put into it. Writing a Persuasive essay is not an easy task. If you need our assistance to write your essay without wasting time in doing long study, contact us now and we would write the essay for you.

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